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Do you need to take charge of your health? You know you ought to exercise more, but it's overwhelming. You know you should eat better, but who has the time? Being healthy and fit just seems like a lot of trouble.

I'll let you in on a secret: you're not alone. Most of us struggle with taking the time to exercise. The truth is, you can create a baseline fitness regimen for yourself that is simple, easy and tailored for you. You don't need motivational tapes or new running shoes. http://flexaplus.com.hr/

You already have all the motivation you need! pagina oficială

No one cares about your well-being as much as you do. This site provides the basis for your improvement. What happens next is up to you. Physical fitness isn't hard, and there isn't much to the motivation. Really. People think too much, analyze too much, and fall into habits that are comfortable emotionally, but undermine physical well-being in the long run. Health control is personal. Everyone is different, with a different genetic makeup, different challenges, and different ways of thinking.

Be reasonably fit. Be your own scientist. If green peppers give you indigestion, you stop eating them, right? Well, if sitting around watching TV every night makes you fat, stop doing it. Simple, right? But not easy. TV is fun, it's entertaining, it takes your mind off other things That's good. But it's passive, and your time might be better spent on something a little more intellectually stimulating. If you like to analyze things, try this: see how much TV you watch every day for a week, then cut it down by a half hour and go for a walk instead. pagina oficială

Here's the bare minimum: flexa plus

  • Start with 5 minutes of stretching, morning and evening
  • Turn off the TV; go for a walk
  • Drink water
  • Take a multivitamin
  • Reduce the amount of wheat in your diet
  • Stop eating sugary, processed, fried foods
After 2 weeks, go for a longer walk, stretching for 10 minutes morning and evening. After 2 weeks, walk further, faster. Drink more water. At the end of two more weeks, see how you feel. Think about ways to incorporate more healthful things: stop worrying, exercise your mind, and keep going.

"Life management" is what you do, every day. Put your daily stretching and walks right up there with brushing and flossing. You just do it. Really. A word about Internal Dialogue: You are what you think. So, think about thinking - what do you say to yourself when you think about exercising every day? vivese

If you counter negative self-talk with facts, you'll be able to change your habits. Add several positive, true things about yourself and exercise, and you're golden. To begin with, you may have to say these things out loud, just so you'll believe them. Your quality of life will improve! flexa plus

Every little bit counts!

"..living a healthy lifestyle can be easy and becomes easier once we experience success. Setting and achieving small short-term goals helps us to work smarter, not harder. Slowly and consistently developing a few healthy habits will improve your life."

- Norman Vincent Peale

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